Laptop Repair & Upgrades

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Laptop Screen Repair / Broken laptop Screen Replacement

Broken laptop screen generally need to be replaced. When the screen gets cracked it cannot be repaired.
A common image produced by a cracked screen will look like black ink has leaked in the screen. Laptop screen repair is varied from brand to brand. Laptop screen repair cost depends upon the manufactures place.
We hold a wide range of laptop screens in stock and can normally replace your broken laptop screen within the hour. Laptop screen repair is easy and not time taking process,

Power Socket Or Power Jack Replacement

Do you need to hold your charging cable at an angle in order for your laptop to charge? This can be caused by a damaged laptop power socket or power jack.
If this is happening to you then we recommend paying us a visit ASAP. Irreversible motherboard damage can occur when you need to put pressure on the power socket in order to charge your laptop. This is caused by electrical arcing inside your laptop and can burn out the internal socket fixings. Laptop support will be given by the tech team.
Laptop batteries can fail completely in which case you need to simply replace the battery and all will be well. Aberdeen laptop repair.
Your laptop charger might have failed and may no longer supply the voltage required to charge your laptop. The green light might still shine on your charger but the supplied voltage may be insufficient.
Another possibility is a motherboard problem within the charging circuit. This is more difficult to resolve.
Please pop into our shop with your laptop so we can provide a quick diagnosis regarding your charging issue. We have a good stock of original laptop chargers if that is all you need and also universal laptop chargers also available.
Aberdeen laptop repair and Aberdeen laptop charging problems, resolve problems with your laptop charging and also DC socket replacement.

Water Damage

Take The Laptop Battery Out. The single biggest problem for your laptop once it has fluid inside it, is electricity.
If you have power going to your laptop from either the charger or the battery, it can cause damage that cannot be repaired. Liquids like water, tea, coke or beer can seep very quickly through your laptop keyboard onto the motherboard. Once it reaches there it reacts with some of the metals and starts to oxidise, which leads to a build up.
You need to act fast to so save your laptop.
Take the battery out, remove any excess fluid and then bring your laptop to us.
We will disassemble your laptop, clean your motherboard and other internal components, removing all trace of the liquid in there. So keyboard replacement will make you a better to resolve your laptop fixation. Laptop keyboards of various models are available in our warehouse.

If you act quickly your laptop should be running in perfect working order.

Motherboard Repairs

We’re dedicated to delivering a quick and efficient service to resolve all kinds of technical and electronic problems that your Laptop or PC motherboard experience.
Does your computer display any of the following symptoms?

All of our motherboard replacement parts are high quality and comply with rigorous regulations. Each part is tested and aligns with RoHS standards. Unlike other companies, we won’t use second-hand parts to repair your laptop, so you can rest assured that you are paying for the best service out there.

The Best Components For Our Customers

We are the High Qualified Technicians in Aberdeen for repairing Laptop Motherboard faults and deploy state-of-the-art motherboard repair workstations which are dedicated to these specific and complex repairs. We are able to repair motherboards for any manufacturer including Acer, Sony, Fujitsu, Apple, Toshiba, Hp, Compaq, Packard Bell, Asus, Dell, Advent and many more.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Are you facing problems with your laptop keyboard?

Jahi Laptop Repairs offers a professional laptop keyboard repair and replacement services in Aberdeen for small businesses and individuals.

The laptop keyboard is one of the most common malfunctioning items of a laptop. Whatever problem you may experience with the keyboard on your laptop, notebook, netbook, ultrabook and computer, we can restore full functionality at affordable prices. Laptop keyboard repair is one of the speciality services that we offer and we can resolve all problems related to your individual keys or the entire keyboard unit. We can repair or replace your keyboard for all models and makes of laptop, netbook, ultrabook and notebook computers such as IBM, Acer, Advent, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Packard Bell, Siemens, Hp, Gateway, Fujitsu Siemens, Sony, Lenovo and Alienware.

Most keyboard faults are the consequence of accidental damage such as spilt liquids or excessive force. Whatever may be wrong with your laptop keyboard - missing keys, liquid damage, keys falling off or component failure we can diagnose and carry out a fast and economical repair.

We have the experience to diagnose faults quickly and accurately and carry out appropriate keyboard repair in each case :

Cleaning crumbs and dirt from under the keys to prevent keys from sticking.

Replacing missing keys or keys that have fallen off, if the fixings are still in place and undamaged.

Keyboard replacement when the fixings are damaged or the keyboard membrane becomes corroded as a result of liquid spillage.

Operating System Re-installation

We can get you back to where you started, we'll back up your data, wipe your hard drive and then install your desired version of Windows. Windows installations are easy and quick services for our service centre.

Once your fresh installation is complete, we will then make sure you have all the necessary drivers for your laptop. This ensures that your wifi works and that you can get online. We'll update Windows so that it has all the latest updates and service packs, copy your data back and install a trial version of BullGuard Anti Virus which you can upgrade to the full 12 months version for just £20.

You'll get your laptop back completely fresh, up-to-date with all your data intact.

Virus Removal
First of all, don't panic!

You can get a virus or other infection on your laptop just by hitting the wrong download button on a website you have visited.

The Metropolitan Police Virus can be very frightening as it says you have illegal images or software on your laptop and that you could be arrested if you do not pay to remove them.

Ignore these messages and bring your laptop in for disinfection. You haven't done anything wrong, it's just a way to extort money from your time and time again.

Other infections such as the Babylon Toolbar, or Delta Search are normally caused by downloading smiley or some other free software.

We can clean your laptop of all infection ensuring you are virus free from just £50.

If you've had a call from Microsoft support centre telling you that your machine is infected then remember that this is a scam, around one in five people have been contacted by this scam. If you are worried about laptop security then pop into our store.

Aberdeen laptop repair and Aberdeen virus and malware removal, clean your laptop of infections. Laptop security problems will also be resolved.


Laptop overheating is generally caused by a clogged cooling system. There is a place inside your laptop between the cooling fan and the radiator that will become clogged over time.

It's almost impossible to clean this out without fully disassembling your laptop. This stops hot air from being evacuated from the laptop, debris from this blockage can also stop your laptop fan from spinning leading to immediate overheating.

Overheating can lead to serious internal damage and should be resolved as soon as possible. Bring it in for a service and we'll remove and blockage, service your fan and replace the thermal compound on your CPU and GPU so that your laptop runs as cool as it did when new and motherboard repair or motherboard cleaning also done by our team.

Aberdeen laptop repair and Aberdeen laptop cooling system service, resolve overheating problems affecting your laptop.

Laptop Running Slowly

When you first purchased your laptop it ran smoothly and responded quickly, after a few years it seems to have gotten a bit stuck in the mud. Laptop storage will also be a problem at sometimes.

There are many factors that can cause your machine to slow down. Too many software programs trying to run at the same time can cause your laptop to boot slowly and take an age to be ready to use. Aberdeen laptop repair.

A failing hard drive can cause read errors which make program loading very slow and often makes your mouse stop and stutter.

A virus infection can often slow your machine down in an effort to stop other applications from removing it.

All of these issues can make your laptop a chore to use. It might be very difficult for you to determine what the problem is and you'll often spend hours removing programs in an effort to fix it.


Laptop Upgrades

Feel like your laptop is too old to complete your day to day tasks? instead of buying a completely new computer bring it into us and we should be able to upgrade your machine to suit your needs. If your machine suffers from any of the following, bring it into us and we will be able to upgrade your computer.

Laptop running slowly/ can't cope with multiple programs :

Your laptop may need a RAM upgrade.

Not enough space to store all your data? You will need a larger hard drive, we can supply and fit hard drives. We usually have 500GB hard drives in stock and 1TB hard drives can be ordered in. If you prefer a solid state hard drive( a hard drive that doesn't spin) hardware repair can be easily solved. Some people prefer SSD because they are less susceptible to physical damage and are much faster. Aberdeen laptop repairs and upgrade pc. We also have all the laptop accessories of different brands are available in our store. Laptop storage upgrades will also be done in our store.

Not being able to use the program you would like, some programs nowadays can't run on older operating systems like XP or Windows 2000. Here at Jahi Laptops, we can upgrade your operating system to a more recent version for example windows 7 or for apple users mountain lion.
Aberdeen laptop repair and Aberdeen laptop and upgrade PC.

Hard Drive Data Recovery 

Hard drive failure can result in total data loss, all those memories and important documents lost forever. There is hope! Jahi Laptops only professional data recovery centre.

We use PC3000 which is the industry-leading hardware for data recovery and our experienced technicians are able to recover data most of the time.

Common hard drive failure symptoms include no bootable device in Windows. On Mac, you will often just get the question mark icon appearing on the screen.

If you are suffering any of the issues then please bring your device to Jahi Laptops so we can get your data back.

Aberdeen data recovery for MAC or PC.

USB Memory Data Recovery

USB Memory stick is prone to breaking and they always break at the wrong moment! Jahi Laptops has lost count of the number of dissertations we have saved for unlucky students about to finish their third year at university

We can recover data from most memory sticks even those that are badly damaged.

Common problems with memory sticks include Windows reporting that the device needs to be formatted. Another common problem we see is when plugging a Windows memory stick into a Mac and then formats the memory stick erasing all the data. If this happens then immediately stop the process and bring your memory stick so we attempt recovery.

Aberdeen USB memory data recovery for MAC or PC.

Memory Card Data Recovery

Memory cards from cameras and mobile phones can develop faults over time.

We've had to recover wedding photos from more than a few professional photographers' faulty memory cards.

Common issues affecting memory cards include being able to see the images when the memory card is inserted into the camera but the same images not available when the memory card is plugged into a Mac or PC.
Aberdeen memory card data recovery for MAC or PC.

Console Repair

Jahi Laptops is at the forefront of console repair.

We have been repairing consoles for the last five years and have been involved in everything down to component level.

Sony and Microsoft are the big console players, but other forms of interaction are beginning to rise up and become mainstream such as VR.

VR is going to change the gaming industry and usher in a new age of technological innovation. Jahi laptops will be ready to repair that VR devices and accessories when it goes wrong.

We make sure we know your device down to component level so we can fix your problems with confidence.
If your gaming console or VR hardware needs repair then check in at Jahi laptops.

Battery Replacement

Laptop batteries become less effective over time and hold less charge resulting in shorter battery life and even a completely dead laptop battery.

Your laptop battery can also be damaged by persistent charging when the battery is full, we recommend that you use your laptop on battery alone till it shows 20% remaining charge before you connect it to a charger, regularly to help maintain the health of your laptop battery.

Care must be taken when sourcing a replacement battery for your laptop. There are many fake laptop batteries out in the market and available from places like eBay or Amazon.

These fake batteries will often fail after just a few months and can be dangerous to use. If the replacement battery doesn't list the manufacturer then don't buy it.

We sell only original or high-quality replacement batteries. These laptop batteries do cost more than the cheap replacements, but you can rest assured that the laptop battery we supply is fit for purpose and will act and last just like your original battery. And we also provide laptop adapters of different brands.

If battery life is an issue try lowering the brightness of your screen a few notches, this should give a good bump in runtime.

Please call for a quote on your replacement laptop battery, prices vary by model but most replacements can be obtained within 48 hours.

In Aberdeen for laptop repairs and replacement laptop battery, you can find a suitable replacement for your ageing laptop battery with us.

IT Business Support

We want your business to just work, so we will always strive to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. We guarantee we'll be on site within 8 working hours, if we can resolve the issue over the phone then the resolution will take just minutes. We do pc repairs and pc services and computer fix and computer services for business users with committed services. We also provide laptop maintenance for office and business support.