Macbook Repair

My Mac is so slow.

Slow bootup and constant pin wheeling could indicate a problem with your Mac. At Jahi Laptops, you may drop in at your convenience with no appointment necessary. Time is of the essence and we get that. Your Mac needs help and we want to fix it right away for you. All of these issues can make your Mac a chore to use. It might be very difficult for you to determine what the problem is and you'll often spend hours removing programs in an effort to fix it. MacBooks repairs or iMac repairs for running slow issues can be easily resolved by our tech team. 

My MacBook doesn’t turn on.

We’ll be happy to provide a free on-the-spot diagnostic for all power-related issues. We are able to directly repair the logic board and perform part replacements to help get you back up and running. Just need an adapter? We sell those too.

I just spilt water on my MacBook Air. Can you help?

We routinely perform Mac spill clean repairs and so you can save you hundreds of Pounds by directly removing the spill damage. Further, data recovery is one of our specialities if you simply need your stuff back.

Liquids like water, tea, coke or beer can seep very quickly through your keyboard onto the motherboard. Then it can react with some of the metals and start to oxidise. You need to act fast to so save your laptop. Take the battery out, remove any excess fluid and then bring your laptop into us.

Don't take the risk, please bring your laptop so it can be professionally cleaned to remove liquid damage. We will disassemble your laptop, clean your motherboard and other internal components, remove all trace of the liquid ingress. If you act quickly your laptop should be back up and running in perfect working order. 

My iMac needs a repair, can you come to my home or office?

Jahi Laptops gladly have a tech team that will be able to assist you on the same day. You’ll receive a certified technician who will take care of all your Apple repair needs.

I need to upgrade my MacBook.

You want to extend the life of your MacBook and we’re here to help achieve that, regardless of its age. On Jahi Laptops, we are service-focused and will do everything in our power to repair, upgrade, and save your precious MacBooks.

Not enough space to store all your data? you will need a larger hard drive, we can supply and fit hard drives. We usually have 500gb hard drives in stock and 1tb hard drives. If you prefer a solid state hard drive(a hard drive that doesn't spin.) we can supply these as well. Some people prefer Solid State Drives because they are less susceptible to physical damage and are much faster.

We offer a 100% compatibility guarantee on all upgrades chosen via our serial number or model number wizards. We also upgrade RAM, HDD, SSD for all models of MacBooks and iMacs.

Mac Screen Repair And Replacement

A broken MacBook screen repair or iMac screen repair is not the end of the world. A common image produced by a cracked screen will look like black ink has leaked in the screen. We hold a variety of MacBook screens in stock and can normally replace your broken laptop screen the same day or maybe within a day or two.
Our team provides a fully approved Screen Replacement and fitting service for All Apple Products with a cracked or broken screen.  

Over Heating of MacBooks

iMacs and MacBook’s overheating is most likely caused by a build-up of fluff and debris in the cooling system. To avoid this problem you should service your device for every 18 months.Failure to service your device regularly can lead to a complete motherboard failure, which will result in a very expensive repair.

Do you work on older Apple products?

Apple products are typically very well made and retain their value for years longer than other computer manufacturers.

As such, we are happy to service your vintage Apple products and breathe new life into them!

Improve, Don't Replace Your Macintosh

We offer hardware upgrades, like swapping out your existing hard drive for a solid state drive. We take care of more than just the hardware, too. When we upgrade your existing drive for a blazing fast SSD, we'll also reinstall your OS and transfer your data and programs to your new drive. You'll enjoy all the benefits of a brand new computer at a fraction of the cost of a new computer. If you have a reliable MacBook or iMac then there is no reason to buy a new one simply because you need a performance upgrade.

Common Mac Repairs: