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Introduction: Welcome to our PlayStation 5 (PS5) repair services page. We understand how much you value your gaming experience, and when your PS5 encounters issues, it can be frustrating. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you get your console back in working order. Below, you'll find information about our repair services and how we can assist you in resolving common PS5 issues.

Common PS5 Repair Issues:

  1. Power and Connectivity Problems: If your PS5 is not turning on, displaying a blank screen, or experiencing connectivity issues, we can diagnose and fix the root cause.

  2. System Errors: Common error codes like CE-108255-1 or CE-110212-0 can disrupt your gaming. Our technicians are experienced in resolving these software-related issues.

  3. Disc Drive Problems: Whether your PS5 is having trouble reading discs or ejecting them, we have the expertise to repair or replace the disc drive.

  4. Overheating: Overheating can lead to performance issues and shutdowns. We can clean the internal components and improve ventilation to prevent overheating problems.

  5. Controller Issues: DualSense controllers may suffer from drift, connectivity problems, or unresponsive buttons. We can repair or replace your controllers to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Our Repair Process:

  1. Diagnosis: Our technicians will thoroughly examine your PS5 to identify the underlying issue.

  2. Repair: Once the problem is identified, we will proceed with the necessary repairs, whether it's a hardware replacement, software update, or cleaning.

  3. Quality Assurance: Before returning your PS5 to you, we perform rigorous testing to ensure that all issues are resolved and your console is in excellent working condition.

  4. Warranty: We stand behind our repair services. Many of our repairs come with a warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Why Choose Us:

Don't let PS5 issues disrupt your gaming experience. Contact us today to schedule a repair, and our experts will have your console up and running in no time. Your gaming adventure awaits!

 we offer quick and affordable Sony PlayStation 4 console repair services. We specialise in fixing out of order PlayStation 4 video game consoles across Aberdeen and we are dedicated to helping our customers solve their problems. We know how significant your PS4 game console is to you. That is why we offer the same day professional and reliable repair service to return your console back in proper functioning condition. Same Day Aberdeen JahiWe are Aberdeen based console repair store specialising in all types of PlayStation 4 repairs and PS4 repairs. At        
Our Aberdeen PlayStation 4 repair services include troubleshooting and fixing common symptoms or problems including PS4 blinking blue light of death (BLOD), PlayStation 4 red line of death (RLOD), no power / console isn’t turning on, broken HDMI ports, overheating, PS4 hard drive failure, noisy hard drive, broken or cracked case, console not reading games or movies, stuck disc, PS4 not recognising discs, PS4 ejects discs unexpectedly, laser / Blu-ray drive fault, PS4 error codes, jammed disc drive, PlayStation 4 freezing and shuts off, unable to eject discs, faulty HDMI cables, hard disk drive (HDD) not recognised, black screen, no audio or video output, PS4 randomly shutting down / console turning off, network connectivity issues, problems with DualShock 4 controller, PS4 Camera problems and power issues. Aberdeen PS5 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.

Aberdeen Playstation 4 Repair of HDMI Plague

Multiple users reported that Sony Playstation 4 consoles found had bent pins within HDMI port and this prevented the cable from being fully plugged in and making required contact, when booting the system as if without HDMI connected, the console does not get beyond the pulsating blue light because it is unable to initialise a video on display, same as, if the display you are connecting the playstation to does not support video signal being sent, initialisation of the video link will fail, even if the connection is good. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.
For some users the pin they experience being bent was actually one of the “click” pins in the outer shielding itself that are normally used to secure a cable in place, in their instance the bent pin had not made contact with one of the signal pins but simply prevented the cable itself from being inserted far enough to make a solid connection.
One of the units we received for repair initially was awkward to insert cables in to, the HDMI cable needed to be “wiggled” gently for it to then slot in firmly, after closer inspection one of the upper pins on the HDMI socket central block was lifted slightly, this would mean that the slight wiggling would give the pin enough space to slip in to the connector and work properly. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.
Once adjusting the pin using a small screwdriver (pushing it down flush with the other pins) we have not had any trouble inserting cables and no longer need to “wiggle” to get it connected up – we can only assume at this point that this occurred with some users units except rather than being a signal pin like in our instance, they had the same issue but with the shielding pins, someone then obviously applied too much pressure thinking the port was just tight, bending the pin further in.

The signal pins are thin copper coated prong type connectors and are extremely easy to bend, if the pin makes contact with the flat edge of a cable, it would not take unreasonable force to push it backwards, bending the pin out of the way, while the outer shielding pins are thicker and would take a little more force to fully bend, because of their arrangement and direction, however it would take a considerably large amount of force to fold this pin back on itself and reach a state where it would be unreasonable to call an easy fix.

To be on a safe side at Jahi laptops during these kinds of Playstation 4 repair procedures we just exchange the HDMI port for a new unit, which has improved and more robust design preventing any further or re-occurring damage to the port at any later stages. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.

PS4 HDMI Port Repair / replacement - SAME DAY SERVICE  

Damage assessment and new HDMI port installation with an improved design to accommodate all HDMI cables. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.

PS4 Pulsating Blue Light Problems

Pulsating blue light, with no power off:  HDMI port failing to sense a connected display – could be faulty HDMI port, or TV does not support resolution, which Playstation outputs, or problem completing the video initialisation handshake between devices.
Pulsating blue light, console powers off: HDMI port failure to sense a connected display at all – Most likely damaged HDMI port or faulty cable.

Pulsating blue light, switching to white and switching back to blue, repeating: TMDS signal line grounded, initial handshake was successful but signal is unstable, check HDMI port pins on both the TV and PlayStation 4, if no pins are bent or damaged or another cable and display.

Normal operation but corrupt display, artefacts, lines on screen : Handshake succeeded, video signal stable enough to proceed with boot, but displaying artefact's on screen, this is either down to a faulty, or damaged TMDS line in HDMI socket or lead, or the display having trouble handling the clock signal being sent from the PlayStation 4 over HDMI, check ports, cable, and where possible, another display.  Aberdeen ps3 repair and Aberdeen ps4 repair.

Common Playstation 4 Repair Services

Blue Light of Death (BLOD)
Video cables and HDMI connection inspection and repair, reset update all settings and troubleshoot hardware.
Red Light of Death (RLOD)
Full system disassembly and cleanup with cooling system upgrades and hardware investigation and testing.
Component level visual PS4 motherboard inspection to identify faulty hardware and malfunction circuits repair or replacement.
Wifi / Bluetooth Issues
If your controller does not sync or console cannot connect to wifi, the Communications Module might be faulty. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.
Blu-ray Laser Replacement
Integrated laser unit replacement if PS4 does not read CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray games.
Drive Replacement
Drive repair by re-adjusting disc loading structure, removing foreign objects or replacing the unit completely.
CGPU Reballing / Rework
Rework and reballing procedure for CGPU of Playstation 4 to eliminate artefacts or corrupted display issues.
Power Issues
Power Issues can be resolved by changing the power socket for playstation.

Professional  Mail In Sony PS4 Repair Services

In most of the cases, our experienced technicians can successfully identify and resolve hardware and software faults the same day. Our state of the art service centre has advanced repair equipment and we also maintain a good inventory of parts to offer quick turnaround services for clients in Aberdeen. All our Sony PlayStation 4 repairs / PS4 repairs come with a 90 day warranty. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.

Playstation 4 Power Issue

The most common PlayStation 4 issue that was reported by 35%  members who own Sony’s latest console is the PlayStation power/turning off problem. Obvious by name, the power issue is associated with turning off and on of the console. According to the report, consoles effected by this issue turn off unexpectedly during the time of operation and while a game is being played. Secondly in some cases, consoles do not turn on at all when prompted.

Symptoms causing the PlayStation 4 power issue are various. Although there are two most common indicators that point towards a potential console power issue. The normal white indicator light situated in the center of the console will either turn into a blinking blue light or a blinking red light. Both these blinking lights indicate that console is not functioning properly and should be sent for repairs. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.
If you plan to fix this PlayStation 4 issue yourself, following are the three solutions suggested by users who encountered this problem:

No Audio/Video For Playstation

The second problem that made it to the list of most reported PlayStation 4 issues is regarding the audio and video output of the console. Over 25% owners of PlayStation 4 console have reported this problem. A user can encounter this problem in three primary ways; First if the console is outputting video just fine but is not transmitting audio, second if the audio is working fine but the console is not putting out video, and third if both the audio and video is not working. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.
Common problems related to the PlayStation 4 audio and video issues can be solved at home through the following suggested steps:
Contact Sony customer service and discuss the issues with them. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.   

Console Freezing For PS3/PS4

Freezing or lagging is an inevitable issue in most electronic devices and daily use gadgets. Freezing of a device should not be taken as a very serious issue, it occurs due to various reasons. However, over 20% PlayStation 4 users reported that their console freezes at inopportune times, causing time and data loss. According to the reports, this problem occurs specifically when users are trying to update their console via PlayStation Network and using it to play video game content. Aberdeen PS3 repair and Aberdeen PS4 repair.
Console freezing problem is one of the more manageable PlayStation 4 issues and it can be solved easily at home. To get rid of this annoying issue, users can try the following suggested steps.
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