No IN-HOME Services. TV must be brought to JAHI LAPTOPS Service Centre.

      If your television has stopped working, its picture quality has declined, parts of the screen have turned black or it is showing other problems, you may be thinking about a replacement, but a quality television is also expensive. Instead of replacing your TV, bring it into JAHI LAPTOPS, Skene Square, Aberdeen for complete television repair. We provide LCD TV repair and LED TV repair on televisions of all sizes.

Once we get our hands on the TV then we will tell you how long it will take to repair and how much it will cost? Diagnostics is always FREE.      

      Even if your TV has shut down completely, the problem may be easily fixable. A single wire knocked out of a place, a damaged capacitor or a frayed power cord may be at fault. With these components replaced, your LCD TV or LED TV can work like new again. Our electronics repair experts address each problem carefully and examine all components in the TV to find the problem. With so many delicate parts in your TV, it is important to let an experienced repair person find the problem. Those who are not familiar with TV components can damage other, more vital parts in an attempt to fix the TV. Once damaged, some components are not replaceable, so make sure you get your TV fixed properly the first time so the problem doesn’t get worse!

Give us a call at our shop in skene square to know more. Tell us what your TV is doing, and we can give you more information.

      We understand the need and pain consumer has faced in past to while looking for TV Repair Electrician, therefore we assure our clients don’t have to face any issue while booking our LED tv repair service.


We routinely fix all LED TV issues like, 

⦁    No Display but audio,
⦁    Grey Display,
⦁    White Display,
⦁    Screen Double Images,
⦁    Display Jumping/Shaking,
⦁    Display Distortion,
⦁    Display Upside Down Solution,
⦁    Stuck in standby mode or dead,
⦁    Rebooting in startup screen or logo screen,
⦁    Volume up or down not functioning.